About Us

Welcome to Booking Engine.ie


Booking Engine.ie’ is a ‘user-friendly’ online booking engine, designed to power your business.
Booking engine’ allows all retail and commercial businesses to self-manage appointments, allowing clients to book their appointments with your company, which in turn delivers more business opportunities?
It manages your customer base, increasing new and repeat contacts opportunities for your customers.
It is an online platform, allowing our customers and clients of whichever business they operate, the opportunity for their clients to book regular appointments with them for any form  of meetings, services or orders?

Once ‘Booking engine’ is plugged into your website, your customer can log on, check and reserve availability; following which, your staff can monitor the booking engine, to prepare the appointment. It can also be programmed to receive deposits, if required?


User-Friendly Appointment Booking Engine

This appointment engine is extremely affordable, easy-to-use and for customers, user-friendly. It has inbuilt features to save you time and money.

The complete online appointment system for: Small; Medium and Enterprise businesses to allow: Scheduling both the customer, and your appointments? Allocate varied and numerous service staff to appointments; Receive automatic appointments from clientele, without staff response times.



1. Sales
2. Insurance
3. Retail
4. SME hotel
5. Dentist
6. Beautician
7. Therapist